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Video Caller Id

version 1.00a, 09/23/10
Show video on incoming call. As well as blocking unwanted calls.
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How to use

  1. Find the contact in the list to which you want to assign videos on incoming calls
  2. Click "Preview image" to show available actions:
  • select video from media storage;
  • create video from camera;
  • look as the window of an incoming call for contact video will look;
  • block (unblock) incoming call from this contact;


  • Standard actions for a contact (call, send sms, etc.) are available by clicking on the row.
  • Block all incoming numbers not in your contacts list set's in the Preferences.
  • Video displays only in landscape mode;
  • Item "Delete video contact" only removes the reference in the program, contact from the phone book and a video file is not deleted.